“Brief and packed full of information, insight and humor. These Morning Musings have opened my eyes and helped me better understand today’s ever changing world. Ok Boomer, do you want to start your day out armed with information? I start my day with the Morning Musing. These timely talks somehow make their way into my daily life and make me seem smarter. By the way, has anyone found our family Christmas Pickle ornament? Warning: The Musings may make you think and want to know more.”
- Kenneth W. Bacon, President and Ceo Horizon Electric, Inc.

“Refreshing view on a topic which continues to be discussed during these unprecedented times. Reinhard’s ability to make these thought provoking discussions seem like you are sitting down with your neighbor make this book a must read.”
- Rich Baich, Chief Information Security Officer, AIG

“Each Musing, which is itself only a few paragraphs, provides a full depth and wealth of information. Despite there being a lot of information within each musing, the book is produced in a way that is easy to read and understand. I believe this is Reinhard’s deeper idea, not just to inform, but to make me as a reader or listener think or smile about the world and humanity at large.”
- Dr. Henning O. Bruns, Chairman of the Leadership Committee of the German American Chamber of Commerce (GACC South), North Carolina Chapter - Senior Partner Con Moto Consulting Group Inc.

“Reinhard has a vast knowledge of complex global business issues and distills his thoughts for a quick read. His wit contributes to a very entertaining and informative musing. A great way to get up to speed with current event affecting international business operations.”
- Johnelle Causwell, Citizen Diplomacy Program Director, International House Charlotte

  “Reinhard’s Musings are a great way to get a comprehensive, in-depth overview of the current market situation. Especially now that rules & regulations change so quickly, it’s important to stay on top. These Musings are definitely a great, effective way to do so.”
- Hans H. Hilgenstock, Key Account Manager Carolinas, Germany/Austria/Switzerland, Kuechne + Nagel, Inc.

“Reinhard’s Morning Musings are not only very informative, but they are also compact and on the pulse of the times. Giving something to a community is a great gift and therefore Reinhard with his expertise and knowledge is always a special guest in my Muttersprache Podcast. Looking forward to the next 100 episodes of the Morning Musings. “
- Monique Menesi, Chief “Inspirational” Officer, Leadership Coach, Podcast Host “Muttersprache”, Owner meetus@US

“That was an enjoyable read and refreshing to discern what’s going on in the news. Morning Musings provides incredible insight into how the law applies to the daily international headlines in a simple but powerful way engaging the reader to reflect and rethink on what they have to read. Reinhard’s wit keeps you engaged through a long list of topics and how they apply to international business, immigration law, and the economy as a whole.”
- Sahaj R. Patel, J.D., President, Triton Glass LLC

“In the Morning Musings, Reinhard provides us with very relevant, common sense, easy to read topics for our generation to consider in the current global business issues. No matter where you stand socially or politically, the questions that are raised this book are very informative and provide the readers with deep insights into our world.”
- Ray Pourfarzib, Ph.D., Executive Director, Medical Affairs, Alexion Inc.

“Feeling overwhelmed and somewhat uncertain of what’s going on in our world, both at the local and international levels? Need up to the minute informative, clear, professional analysis of the most recent events in our country and all over the world? Check out these Musings to open our eyes and inform us on local and international developments. Whether you’re a private citizen, an international business leader, or simply someone eager to stay on top of the latest news, these Musings are rich in content and hit the spot. Just read these short, very comprehensive Musings that keep you informed, entertained, and fully engaged. Very enjoyable and easy to read. I am certain you’ll appreciate them as much as I do.”
- Dr. Marina Raidi - Professor at Belmont Abbey College, North Carolina

“There is always something of interest in Reinhard von Hennigs’ Morning Musings. Sometimes they make you think, sometimes they make you smile and sometimes they make you worry about a potential liability that you have blissfully ignored before, but it is a fun way to get the mind working and focused in the morning.”
- Felix von Uklanski, Wealth Management Advisor, GCvU Partners, Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Inc.

“If you care about doing business internationally, this book is a great way to get caught up on the latest developments in the worlds of International business, tax, politics, and social affairs. Succinct, humorous, and insightful. I Highly recommend this book.”
- Johannes Zwick, Managing Partner of Zwick Partners (an international investment firm)

“If you are searching for practical and consolidated information about the ever changing rules and regulations in current business topics, this book is for you! An easy read, that presents vital business material in a simple and applicable way for anyone in the business arena.”
- Lothar Burger, CEO KNOLL America Inc.

“In a business environment where information has become a commodity, finding high quality and unbiased sources is challenging. Morning Musings is a jewel among the sources. Like a high-quality encyclopedia, it lists selected top news from around the world for international business and law. You will be amazed how enjoyable reading the news is. Reinhard strips the most important information down to its bare bones and gives you the “X-Ray factor” so you don’t have to read between the lines. You will get to appreciate the simplicity and compact approach of consuming information. “ 
- Stefan Engel, CEO American Truetzschler Inc.

“Reinhard’s vast experience in the field of International Law and Business make him the ideal ‘story teller’ and a valuable source of ‘must know’ information that is of importance to the community, his clients and friends. His morning musings are to the point and enjoyable to read. I am looking forward to many more!”
- Rikard Hinrichs, Station Manager, Lufthansa Group – Lufthansa Charlotte

“What has impressed me with Reinhard from a business perspective is that he is an entrepreneur who happens have a law degree.  Most people don’t think about that when choosing their trusted advisors who are in professional services, but I believe it is critical when working with attorneys, CPAs and other professional advisors.  Reinhard is a constant professional in all he does!
What I have thoroughly enjoyed and respected knowing Reinhard from a personal perspective is his respectful ability to listen patiently, a lost art, and his family friendly approach.  Those “bedside manners” have been lost with many attorneys, doctors, etc.  Having literally traveled the world, many times, including his wife and 3 kids, he has a global, but humble, perspective on so many cultures, customs, and worldly ideas.  This knowledge and perspective, along with his quick wit make him a social hit wherever he goes. 
All of these positive characteristics were captured in his first book and I can't wait to read his 2nd.”
- Jay Offerdahl, President of Viking Merges & Acquisitions

“With Reinhard von Hennigs, you get the complete package:
Reinhard’s Morning Musings are not only deep thoughts about current events and happenings, but also are rather amusing. There’s always an interesting-—if not surprising—twist on the broad spectrum of topics that he covers. While Reinhard shares meaningful content, he may make the reader laugh, he may raise concern, he may provoke contemplation of what it all means for the reader or the world
I find it almost impossible to stop reading as I wonder what I might find on the next page."
- Bernard Schnacke, Owner and Co-founder of Frieling USA, Inc.

“There are more than 165.000 lawyers in Germany, but only a small amount of them can explain complex and difficult topics in an easy and understandable way. Reinhard is definitely one of these few and Morning Musings proves it.
The book is very well written and triggers your thought process. 
By reading the musings, you get a sense why he has chosen exactly this title. It’s like a “morning meditation” on a business or legal topic: a quick read that refreshes the mind, goes deep on an interesting topic, and informs the reader in a smart and witty way about actual events or business affairs. 
I bet you will take a different view on some legal topics after reading this book.”
- Hartmut Siegel, CEO Schubert North America

"Reinhard's Morning Musings are the definition of pithy. Each one gets right to the point and makes you think.  And yet, in total, they represent a broad range of topics, facts and analysis that I've never seen in one volume anywhere before!  Reinhard's combination of concise writing and broad curiosity makes this book enjoyable, enlightening, engaging and energizing!”
- David Worrell, Founder & CEO FuseCFO, Charlotte, NC

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